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Facial rejuvenation in Belgrade

based on minimally invasive

Spacelifting method

Get rid of age-specific changes of your face: Sagging of tissues, folds, wrinkles, decrepit of the skin, lowered cheekbones


  • A modern rejuvenation method based on an individual surgical approach to each area of the face and neck
  • Surgery of facial spaces allowing to return the facial tissues to their original young and natural position
  • A unique method of the facial plastic surgery characterized by short, hidden and/or barely visible scars
  • Minimal-risk surgery
  • Rejuvenation with long-lasting effect
  • A surgical procedure with shortest recovery time – only few days

The patients we helped get younger

Why SPACELIFTING is a leading technique of rejuvenation?

The natural appearance of the face after surgery

The facial tissues return to a natural, youthful position

Hidden and/or insignificant scars in natural skin folds

You can return to your usual public activities in just a few days

Rehabilitation lasts only 7 to 10 days!

Shortest recovery period

Adaptive anaesthesia

Anaesthesia with minimal risk, natural sleep and rapid awakening

Almost no pain after surgery

A comfortable recovery period

Long-lasting rejuvenation result

Lifetime result of correction of gravitational ptosis of facial tissues

Dynamic youth

A prevention program of genetic, endocrine and general age-specific skin changes

Rehabilitation support

Cosmetic after-surgery support

What's the difference between the Spacelifting and the circularface-lifting?

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Our specialists

Dr. Olga Nossova

A surgeon with ten-years of experience in spatial facial surgery.

Leading plastic surgeon, head of the Beauty Space Clinic.
Member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS).
Member of the European Society of Rhinologists (ERS).
Member of the Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (SPRAS)
Dr. Nossova took a training course by Dr. Brian Mendelssohn, author of the Spacelifting methodology (2011, University of Melbourne, Australia).

Since 2011, spatial surgery of facial and neck rejuvenation has been a priority of her activity. More than 1000 Spacelifting surgical operations with excellent results.
A separate direction of her activity is carrying out of combined rejuvenating and restoration surgical procedures, concurrently with Spacelifting: Blepharoplasty (eyelid plastic surgery), rhinoplasty, liposculpture and mammoplasty.
Dr. Nossova's personal efforts to equip the clinic with modern facilities, her experience as a surgeon and friendly, attentive team allowed to avoid hazards, operational risks and achieve excellent results.

Dr. Ross

Plastic surgeon, cardiologist.
One of the few specialists of the Russian Federation who got education and certification abroad.

Experience in aesthetic medicine over 30 years.
Thousands of surgical operations carried out.
Wide range of experience, from facial rejuvenating surgery to complex reconstructive surgery covering any area of the body.
Surgical operations include: spacelifting, circular face-lifting, MACS-lifting, SMAS-lifting.

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Surgery is performed at BEAUTY SPACE CLINIC (Beautyspace LLC).
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